DA:NCE Newsletter – September 2019

DA:NCE Newsletter – September 2019

The Experts Join the Conversation

The 5th annual End Exploitation Global Summit was held in Washington DC from June 12-15, 2019. The gathering attracted over 625 experts from all over the world to speak on the issue of sexual exploitation and its inter-relationship to sex trafficking, pornography, prostitution, child sexual abuse, violence against women, sexual assault & violence, sexualization of children, sexual addiction & compulsivity, violence against women, child pornography, and male and female objectification. Although I spoke briefly at the conference, I flew there with film-maker Neal Thibedeau with a clear focus: to film remarks about healthy versus harmful dance from experts in the field.

Guest Blogger:

Lisa D Long, dancer, teaching artist, and choreographer
Hope From Our Next Generation of Dance Teachers
Over the past year I have become increasingly aware of the need to educate dancers, dance teachers and parents about the hyper-sexualization of children in dance and beyond. As a college Professor, I encounter students just before they make their way into the dance world, and it is with immense hope that I share some remarkable moments that have occurred in my classes this past year.

Healthy Dance Studio

One of the goals of the DA:NCE is to highlight organizations we feel embody healthy dance. We are pleased to present: MOJALET DANCE COLLECTIVE

Why Dance Education Matters

By Judith Lynne Hanna, Ph.D.
Many arguments for dance education have been made. For example, certainly students in dance may acquire skill sets that serve them in myriad of ways, develop embodied knowledge and kinesthetic connections, and become gainfully employed. But the most important reason to offer dance education in schools and universities as well as the broader community is what neuroscientists have revealed in the past 15 years.

Westar Radio Airs DA:NCE

We’ve just completed 5 public service announcements (PSA) for Christian radio that are currently airing with 5 additional secular media spots for PSA scheduled to go out soon.

DA:NCE Happenings…

I’m thrilled to give you an update on 3 new DA:NCE resources we’re working on:
  1. A powerpoint presentation that will clarify the difference between harmful and healthy dance, introduce you to how hypersexualized dance is linked to grooming children into a pornified culture, and allow you to view parts of the numerous interviews that were filmed at the Washington DC Conference.
  2. A film designed to capture the expertise from national leaders who spoke about the hypersexualization with children’s dance from a public health concern perspective.
  3. A film trailer with short excerpts from the longer film that will be easy to share on social media
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Providing education and resources to end the sexualization of children in dance.
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