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3 Survivors Speak About Hypersexualization

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The toxic effects of our pornified culture have infiltrated what used to be a safe place for children – the dance studio. Adult choreography that uses provocative poses, adult music that is highly sexual, and adult costumes that exploit children’s bodies have become more and more accepted. At younger and younger ages.

The consequences? They are serious. Research confirms that the sexualization of children has negative effects, including cognitive, emotional, mental, sexual, and physical health. And we’ve heard from numerous victims who have told us that the grooming they experienced in dance as a child paved the way for them to continue to be sexualized into adulthood. Take a minute to find out what the experts say.

At DA:NCE (Dance Awareness No Child Exploited), we educate adults to know the differences between healthy or harmful dance. Will you join us as we punch holes in the darkness?

If you experienced unhealthy dance lessons as a child, or if you have a story you’d like to share about hypersexualized children’s dance you’ve witnessed firsthand, share it with us now! These stories change hearts. And ultimately, they protect more children in dance. By clicking the link below, you’ll be joining our army of concerned adults who provide hope and healing for the future of dance.

Together we can open the eyes of a pornified, predatory culture so that no more children have to experience dance sexploitation.

To submit your story, fill out the form below. You have the option to share your name and contact information with us, or remain anonymous. Prefer to talk? Call us at 909.793.8925 or send us an email to connect.”

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I started dancing at age 2. Fell in love with dance by age 8. I was allowed to choose some racy costumes as a teen – I’d 100% take back those choices now. I had a young coach in high school choreograph an over-the-top raunchy halftime routine. I sat it out with a couple teammates. We watched the performance – It was so uncomfortable for everyone!!! At 17, I was sexually and physically assaulted by (school athletes) peers near my age. At one point, I seriously considered paying my way through college dancing in clubs. I’ve been married over a quarter century now and have 5 amazing children – 3 dance with me. My studio’s music, choreo, and costuming are always appropriate – we allow technique and performance quality do the talking. My rule of thumb: Loved ones should never feel the need to look away from a child’s performance! Looking back, I can’t imagine how my own father felt watching some of my routines.


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