Join our Movement to Protect Children in Dance

Friends, every day our team is fighting for children in dance.

This past year, we’ve done more work than ever before. And we are just getting started. We have some BIG projects coming up which will amplify our message and get more adults thinking about how their decisions and actions impact children in dance.

But we can’t do it alone. A gift right now can:

  • Educate adults about the differences between what is healthy and what is harmful in children’s dance.
  • Help caring adults connect the dots from hypersexualized children’s dance to the media, internet and porn industry.
  • Allow us to continue our work to create researched based resources that shine a spotlight on this problem, and its solution.
  • And ultimately, protect more children from harmful dance in your community, and around the world.

We all know children that we love and want to protect. Hypersexualized children’s dance is hurting our kids and serving as a gateway to ongoing exploitation as children become young adults and beyond.

Join our movement.

Join healing.

Join hope.

Make a donation today and restore the wonder of healthy dance for children in your town and all around the world.

Your donation can help us:

A donation to DA:NCE will help ensure that children are protected from hypersexualized dance choreography, costumes, and music, and that adults have the education and resources needed to facilitate healthy change in dance studios.

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