The art of dance. No doubt there are countless images you can recall that depict its purity and beauty.

But children’s dance today is anything but pure. Adult costumes, sexually suggestive choreography, and music with inappropriate sexual themes and/or lyrics has become common. And the effects are devastating.

Danielle understands the dangers of normalizing hypersexualized children’s dance:

“I loved to dance as a child. At first, I would twirl around the house like a ballerina without ever thinking I needed to have anyone to dance with, or for. But slowly, my song and dance were stolen. Over a progression of time, what was once innocent, became compromised. What I did not know in the younger years of my life, was that the hypersexualized dance I was taught, was linked to a grooming process that would make way for my entrance into the commercial sex industry.” – Danielle Freitag, LADC

There are more stories just like Danielle’s. The impact of this growing trend is devastating to young girls and boys, causing damage to their self-image and mental health. It’s subtle encroachment into our lives has left confusing messages for parents and children, and is nothing short of sexual exploitation.

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