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Protect Children in Dance

The hypersexualization of children in adult costumes, choreography, and music in dance will not stop until parents and concerned adults take action. This type of exploitation is taking place in our communities, our country, and in many countries around the world, making this an international concern. It is crucial we do not allow this type of harmful exploitation to be normalized within this artistic environment.

Believe it or not, some dance studios unknowingly create choreography, lyrics, and costuming that exploit and portray young girls and boys as sex objects. With respectful conversations integrated with research and knowledge, you can inspire transformative change in a local dance studio. Our free resources will give you the insight and confidence you need to advocate for healthy, age-appropriate children’s dance. This information benefits families with young children, dance studios, dance instructors/educators, and any other concerned individuals who are passionate about protecting children. Please read and share our Step by Step Guide to Educate Dance Studios about what the research on hypersexualization shows. Use the action items below.

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Free Resources to Protect Children in Dance

Use these presentations, supporting videos, and downloadable resources to educate yourself, other dance parents, concerned adults, or your own child’s dance studio about the dangers of hypersexualized children’s dance.

Video Resources


Wholesome to Hypersexualized: What Happened to Children’s Dance?



Print Resources

8 Questions Parents Should Ask to Understand an Organization’s Commitment to Child Safety

Power Point Resources

A Public Health Issue: How a Pornified Culture is Distorting Dance

Due to the sensitive nature of this material, you can choose from two different versions to watch. The R rated version is an in-depth look at the problem with explicit examples. Since this may be triggering and uncomfortable for some people, we’ve also provided a PG rated version.

Download Educational Presentations

Advocating for healthy children’s dance and want to use our presentations? Simply fill out this form and you’ll be able to download any of our presentations to use in your own advocacy and education efforts.