How do I share this message with other parents?

The hypersexualization of children in dance won’t stop until parents and concerned adults demand it. It’s easy to share this information with friends and family and facilitate change in your community.

Start a Local Dance Petition

What is a local dance petition? It’s simply signatures from other people that want to stop the hypersexualization of children in dance in your community. In addition to you, the signed names will show a dance studio owner that many people are concerned about this issue and want it changed. We’ve created a template you can quickly download and use to start a petition in your community.

To receive tips on how to best collect signatures and share this petition with
your local dance studio, download our free eBook, “Healthy or Harmful Children’s Dance.”

Healthy or Harmful dance ebook

Other ways to share the message

Contact Your Local Newspaper

Contact your local newspaper and ask them to write an article about the hypersexualization of children in dance; include the petition (if you initiated one), the research on this issue, and the website so that others can be educated on this issue. Make sure that the local article directs the readers’ attention to the dance studios that agree with the petition. If it is hard to get a response from a reporter, submit a letter to the editor sharing this information.

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