Celebrate the Art of Children’s Dance

Enter the ‘She Loves to Move’ Call for Choreography Challenge for a chance to win $5000

It’s time to restore the wonder of childhood dance! DA:NCE Awareness invites all choreographers, dancers, dance studios, organizations, families, and groups of any size to choreograph the song ‘She Loves to Move’. Help us celebrate healthy, age-appropriate children’s dance all around the world!

Entering is easy. Download the song ‘She Loves to Move’, choreograph a dance, and then upload and submit your recorded video to us. All eligible entries will be judged using the same criteria and one grand prize winner will be awarded $5,000. And it pays to enter early! The first five submissions will each automatically receive $100 cash prize – no strings attached.

To enter:

  1. Download the song ‘She Loves to Move’
  2. Choreograph a dance to the song. Use this judging criteria to direct your choreography.
  3. Record your dance and upload your choreographed video for ‘She Loves to Move’ here by June 30, 2023

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