One of the goals of the DA:NCE is to highlight dance organizations we feel embody healthy dance. We are pleased to present: The Dance Foundation | Birmingham, AL

Dance is a joyful, transforming experience for students of all ages, abilities, and circumstances.  It speaks to the spirit and invites exploration and purpose.

The Dance Foundation is a non-profit organization supported by generous corporations, foundations and individuals.  We teach 2,000 students each week through our Studio Program and Community Partnership Program.  Our studios are also home to dozens of artists and arts organizations for classes, workshops, rehearsals and performances.  The Dance Foundation has been a gathering place for learning with and through dance for more than 40 years.

The Dance Foundation has been awarded the nationally recognized Standards for Excellence ® Seal for nonprofit organizations.

Our Mission
To teach the art of dance to all, inspiring creativity, confidence, and curiosity.

Our History
The Dance Foundation was founded in 1975 by Jennie Robertson, Virginia Samford Donovan, and Mary Conyers Cooper.  Today, our work continues to embody our founding mission of providing opportunities for students of all ages and abilities to learn through the power of dance and the arts.

What began in the mid-70’s as age and developmentally appropriate dance classes for small groups of young children and those with challenges has flourished into something extraordinary. The Dance Foundation is an organization now serving more than 2,000 students each week.  The Dance Foundation has a professional staff of dancers and musicians to share our mission. Less than 10% of our budget is for management and administration. Programs are provided virtually every day, year-round.

As a not-for-profit dance education organization, The Dance Foundation is able to provide unique, creative programs and services through the strong partnership of professional staff, a committed board of directors and a diverse collection of supporters.

“Dance is a celebration of life,
a widening of horizons, an exercise in communication,
an exploration into self-awareness.
Through this discipline all the arts come into focus.
Let us journey together.”

– Jennie Robertson, Founder