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As a dance educator, Mary Bawden loves dance and its researched benefits. In 2016, she founded DA:NCE which advocates for the protection of children, from hypersexualization in adult costumes choreography and music, as well as the art form of dance. In 2003, she founded Soul to Sole Choreography which provides concrete tools for communicating the gospel using the language of movement. Mary lives in Redlands, CA with her husband Richard. She loves to create children’s books for her grandchildren, eat Snickers, and watch Dodger games.

A Gift of Goodness: the CESE Summit

2023-03-15T03:07:13+00:00December 20th, 2022|Christmas, Dance Awareness: No Child Exploited|

I am lucky. It’s Christmas time year ‘round. So many ongoing gifts of goodness. I love presents. I spotted my first gift in 2013 at the inaugural CESE(Coalition to End Sexual Exploitation) Summit in Washington DC. The Summit is sponsored by  NCOSE (National Center on Sexual Exploitation) and it is an amazing experience. There are countless

AND THEN…. A Personal Invitation for ‘She Loves to Move’

2023-02-13T19:19:27+00:00October 25th, 2022|Dance Awareness: No Child Exploited|

It’s time to restore the wonder of childhood dance! "DA:NCE Awareness invites everyone - from choreographers and dance studios to individuals, families and groups of any size - to choreograph the song ‘She Loves to Move’. Help us celebrate healthy, age-appropriate children’s dance all around the world! It's easy:  1. Download the song ‘She Loves

A Personal Story of Hypersexualized Dance and Self-Objectification by Jaime Logan

2023-02-13T19:20:14+00:00August 29th, 2022|Guest Blogger|

This article is dedicated to the girls who haven’t had a chance to know better.  “My job required one thing of me, to be an object for arousal and consumption. I started dancing my heart out in the studio, but I ended up coddling the fancies of a stranger bent on using me as an

Dance and the Child International Conference(daCi) 2022

2023-02-13T19:20:20+00:00July 25th, 2022|Benefits of Dance, Dance Awareness: No Child Exploited|

I consistently say that the solution to harmful dance is healthy dance. Today is special because I get to back up that claim and introduce you to a wonderful dance organization: daCi(dance for the child international)! The 2022 daCi conference, organized by Norma Sue Fisher-Stitt of York University Canada and Nancy Francis of Brock University

‘Share Your DA:NCE Story’ Interviews Begin

2023-02-13T19:20:25+00:00June 25th, 2022|Dance Awareness: No Child Exploited|

Several weeks ago an article came out on several news outlets about current abuse in children’s dance.  I'd advise you to get some tissues out while you take a few minutes to read it. It's awful. This was my response to the article on social media: “Break The Floor Productions, a Los Angeles dance industry

It’s about time: DA:NCE attends CAHPERD & NRB Conferences in person

2023-02-13T19:21:38+00:00March 27th, 2022|Dance Awareness: No Child Exploited|

The CAHPERD (California Health Physical Education, Recreation and Dance) and NRB (National Religious Broadcasters) conferences were more than good. DA:NCE had an incredible response to our presentations, exhibits, and interviews. The best ever. And it was in person for the first time in 2 years. The cultural doors are opening…. During my presentation at

A History of DA:NCE: healthy, educational children’s dance to harmful, hypersexualized children’s dance

2023-02-13T19:21:43+00:00February 24th, 2022|Dance Awareness: No Child Exploited|

“There has been a cultural shift from healthy, educational children’s dance to harmful, hypersexualized children’s dance at younger and younger ages. The art of children’s dance has been high-jacked.” Mary Bawden was a little girl who wanted to dance. I dreamed about it. All the time. I begged my mother for lessons. All the time.

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