She Loves to Move Call for Choreography Reflection

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By: Marlita Hill, Lead Adjudicator for DA:NCE’s $5,000 Call for Choreography With an aim to publicize DA:NCE Awareness’s mission and celebrate the healthy, age-appropriate dance happening throughout our communities, DA:NCE launched its inaugural choreography competition, ‘She Loves to Move.’ The ‘She Loves to Move’ Call for Choreography began with an October 2022 invitation sent out

‘Coffee and Conversation’ at Cal State Fullerton

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“In an art form that is ripe for play, creativity, and imagination, as an industry and society we are settling for selling our girls’ childhood to the lowest common denominator.” Elizabeth Gough Schultz, Master of Fine Arts in Dance, UCIrvine When I spoke at 'Coffee and Conversation' 2 weeks ago,  I addressed the lowest common

How to Pick a Healthy Dance Studio

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Once a year most studios plan a dance recital to celebrate a year of student maturity, growth, and technique in their dance classes. It’s a lot of fun when children present the joy of what they have learned coupled with wonderful music, artistic costumes and age-appropriate choreography!  Woo-hoo! I just got back from Alabama where

The New Trend in Children’s Dance

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The art of dance Have you bought flowers for that ‘special dancer’? Each year I enjoy the dance recital of my two granddaughters at the Dance Foundation. At their most recent recital, their dances were titled ‘Whispering Wind’ (ballet), ‘Enchanted Rain’ (ballet), and ‘Trumpets and Horns’ (tap). It was a wonderful time to celebrate

A Premise for Catching my Breath

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Every time I see people ‘dance/move’ in appropriate, God-honoring ways, it catches my breath because it’s worship. Of course, underlying that opinion is a premise I have. Everybody is a dancer because everybody moves in lifestyle choreography. That doesn’t discount the value of trained, technical dancers. It just means that the dance family is larger

Welcome to Scripture Choreography!

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One of the easiest and most effective ways to combine movement & dance ministry with trained and untrained dancers is scripture choreography; it high-lights favorite scripture verses and then uses them as the foundation for choreography accompanied by words. Not only do we hear specific verses as they are read, but we SEE them come

Choices: Age-Appropriate Children’s Dance Produces Positive Results with DA:NCE

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Hi all- Dance is a wonderful art form. Let's cheer-lead the positives in dance with 3 articles that can show how all of us can enjoy the positive benefits of children's dance: Learn about how movement helps children deal with stress:    Then read a second article: to hear about the healing components of dance from a hospital

Movieguide Article: A Bipartisan Issue

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Hi all- Good stuff going on! I told you that I would let you know when movieguide published my article re: DA:NCE. Take a peek! And yes, readers presented me with some thoughtful responses to my article. Look below to read a few of them: Jadon · My mom watches Dance Moms and Bring It and those shows and the

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