Preventing Child Sex Abuse

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Guest Article: Cordisco & Saile LLC; a law firm that is dedicated to helping victims of child sex abuse. Below is an excerpt from an article they wrote about protecting children from Sexual Abuse. Preventing Child Sex Abuse The responsibility to protect children from sexual abuse falls to all adults around them, including counselors, teachers,

How Hyper-Sexualized Children Can Become Sexually Addicted Adults – The Connection Between Hyper-Sexualization and Porn Addiction

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Guest Blogger: Tamara Kelly Hyper-sexualization and porn addiction are two issues that are becoming increasingly prevalent in our society. The hypersexualization of women and children in media and advertising has become so normal that it is often not even noticed or questioned.  This has led to a culture where women and children are objectified and

Protecting Our Children: How to Identify and Address Hypersexualization in Dance

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Guest Article: Artem Maksimenko Childhood is a time of innocence, exploration, and discovery, and this should extend to all areas of a child's life, including dance. However, in recent years, there has been an increasing trend toward the hypersexualization of children in dance. As parents, educators, or concerned adults, it's essential to understand how to

Healthy Versus Harmful Dance Environments: Stopping Harm and Supporting Joy Through Effective Challenges

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Guest Article: Erin Sanchez How can we ensure as teachers that we create healthy environments for young dancers who want to dance as a professional career? I believe that all of us who are working with dancers have a responsibility to create environments that will not only protect them from harm but will also give

How Upholding and Teaching a Comprehensive Understanding of Consent Protects Our Children from Coercion and Exploitation

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“It changed; this is what you are wearing now” the assistant said… “It was me, by myself. I had no one to advocate for me… So, I cleaned myself up, wiped away my tears and went out and did a show” (Chand, 2021). Consent. It is a concept that has always been and continues to

Healthy vs. Harmful Children’s Dance

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At the Coalition to End Sexual Exploitation USA (NCOSE) 2021 Conference, Mary Bawden, Founder of DA:NCE, presented a talk called ‘Healthy or Harmful Dance: What Do the Experts Say About Hypersexualization?’ At the 2022 Conference, Mary Bawden spoke on a panel about ‘Wholesome to Hypersexualized: What Happened to Children’s Dance’.  Our friends at NCOSE generously

From “Pretty in Pink” to Provocative Posing: Looking at Sexualization of Young Dancers from Multiple Perspectives

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I started dancing at the age of four in the 1970s and I have been a dance educator since 1991. Becoming a parent of young dancers in the early 2000s allowed me to revisit the dance studio environment with new insight and inspired me to conduct research on contemporary trends in dance training for children

The Danger of “Stranger Danger” – How to Holistically Protect Your Kids Online

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My first in-depth experience with the internet began at 13 years old. For years I would watch my friends play online games and I was annoyed with my parents for not allowing it until I was mature enough. But finally, they said yes to a free game online and sat me down to lay some

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