Next month I will return to writing about Soul to Sole Choreography for Christian Dance Ministry. However, this month I want to share more comments about the inappropriate objectification of young children in dance. Of course, this has been my focus for the last two months when I have written this blog. The National Center for Sexual Exploitation Conference(NCOSE) that I attended in Orlando Florida on September 10-12, 2015 was empowering and informative. Can I remind you to sign the online petition to stop adult costumes and choreography for children under 12:

Now I have another resource to share with you.

God blessed me with a wonderful friendship connection some time ago. Leslie Scott left a message on my phone and said to call her. She found me on the internet and we connected as sisters in dance and in Christ. She and her husband Joseph spent a wonderful day with me(and I found out about the little bun in the oven(Carmella) that was born last year). She is a wonderful dancer and teacher in the L.A. area having danced and choreographed professionally for many years(Beyonce, Ciara, Hi-Hat, Jermaine Jackson). Along the way, God convicted her heart as she began to see the changing landscape of dance. By changing landscape, I am of course, referring to the victimization and objectification of children in dance. That led to the creation of an organization she founded called, Dance, Inspire, Faith, YOU).

Now she has gone even further with the creation of (Youth Protection Advocates in Dance:Promoting Healthy Sexuality in Performing Arts). In addition to working on healthy standards of dress and choreography for children in dance studios, she has a dance resource page on a new website that will assist and inform you with helpful materials to advocate for positive change.

One of the many resources on YPAD4change includes an interview with Dr. Tomi Ann Roberts PhD. She was a member of the APA(American Psychological Association) task force reporting on the inappropriate sexualization/objectification of children that is sweeping through our country. Check out the link below to see her discuss these unhealthy trends in movement. As you click the link, scroll down to the middle of the page until you see the video entitled “Dr. Tomi Ann Roberts PhD. Sits down with YPAD about the sexualization of children in dance.”

Hats off to EDIFY, YPAD and the leadership of Leslie Scott to tackle the hyper-sexualization of youth and teens in our dance culture. Please check out the resources on YPAD4change as well as E.D.I.F.Y. I highly recommend everything that Leslie is doing in dance. I would ask that you prayerfully support Leslie in any way that you can.

“Y.P.A.D.’s message, backed by Dance Industry leaders, the American Psychological Association, the Gina Davis Institute on Gender and Media and many dedicated parents and studio owners that desire a healthier dance environment, will evolve and equip the mindset of dance educators, parents, studio owners and students to better discern the difference between empowerment and exploitation. Backed by cutting edge research by the APA and Geena’s institute, Leslie facilitates inter-active discussions that reveal the hidden consequences of sexually packaging our children and teens through the arts that many think is cute, normal and harmless.”

One last thing: THANK YOU LESLIE! May God bless your efforts!

“Do not be overcome by evil but overcome evil with good.” Romans 12:21