Hi friends! Before I ‘move on’ to Mansion Memories and the DA:NCE sponsorship of ‘What’s the Pointe?’, I have important news. DA:NCE has a new website!!! It’s different, it’s bigger, and it’s better. We reached this decision because DA:NCE materials were crowded on soultosolechoreography.org. Voila: danceawareness.com.  Check it out:

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At DA:NCE, we’re excited that there’s awareness & education for everybody who is concerned about the dance hypersexualization of children in adult costumes, choreography and music. A special thanks to Elizabeth Knight & Steve Carroll, both friends & accomplished professionals!

Now for another special announcement. DA:NCE sponsored ‘What’s the Pointe?’ on Mansion Memories, a non-profit organization that is dedicated to serving children in crisis (and their families) by providing magical memories that will last a lifetime. “Imagine a place where children who have suffered from emotional or physical trauma can experience the joys of childhood. Imagine a place where families who have endured economic hardship can create magical memories together. Imagine a place where everyone can find a moment of joy!” Next, let me introduce dance educator Terrill Corletto and her assistant Sarah Stromberg. We got together and filmed this very special class for DA:NCE in October at the Speakeasy on State Street. During the filming, Terrill and Sarah explained how pointe shoes work; then they danced in them. We also took loads of pictures. See below? It’s a joy to sponsor dance educators who teach children about ballet in age-appropriate ways.


Now enjoy the Mansion Memories class presentation of ‘What’s the Pointe?’on youtube.

What does all of this dance education mean? It means that healthy dance is a wonderful activity for children: improved academic performance & brain development, creativity, risk taking, social & emotional maturity and more.  Don’t forget:

  1. Healthy Dance builds the whole child from the inside out. “Dance, in all of its forms, goes beyond mastering a series of steps. Dance is an ideal tool through which to teach students about physical literacy, movement concepts, self-worth, self-expression and relationships. Dance is also a large and rich part of our culture and our society. Students engage in dance to express their cultural identities, to problem-solve, to convey artistic ideas, and strengthen their social interactions (Melchoir, 2011).”
  2. Healthy Dance can play a crucial role in positive mental health.
  3. Healthy dance helps to develop the right attitude about competition: Me Myself & I. “A healthy dancer accepts their current self and allows for the freedom to make decisions based on what feels good physically, mentally, and emotionally. A healthy dancer leads a non-restrictive lifestyle in regard to food and exercise, and takes part in dance because it brings them joy and fulfillment.”

Can you see that healthy dance builds healthy dancers? An article from Gabb Wireless warns about the internet as well as the importance of choosing a healthy dance studio: “If you want your child in dance in 2020, please thoroughly vet the dance studio you’re considering. Make sure you talk to the instructors about their policy on sexualized dance moves, think of the time and influence those teachers will have on your son or daughter, and make sure you protect your kids from sexual objectification through dance.”

Now, more updates:

  1. Reports indicate that Netflix subscriptions plummeted when Netflix released ‘Cuties’(see my blog from last month); cancellations increased 800%. Thank you for your response to ‘Cuties.’
  2. A reminder: Posting social media videos is not a safe activity for children. That’s why DA:NCE supported the EARN IT Act in Congress (with a DA:NCE signature).

Friends, it’s been a wonderful month with a new website to share with you and a new dance sponsorship to enjoy with Mansion Memories. I’m encouraged. People are becoming more aware and more educated about the choices that they make.

CSLEWIS: “Children are not a distraction from more important work. They are the most important work.”