One of the goals of the DA:NCE is to highlight organizations we feel embody healthy dance. We are pleased to present: k2 dance, located in San Jose

k2 dance is a creative dance center in San Jose that has been hosted by Willow Glen Yoga for ten years. It is directed by Kristin Kusanovich and offers creative dance for children ages 4-6, creative/beginning modern/improvisation classes for children/youth ages 7-11, and a teens class in intermediate modern dance, improvisation and choreography. Kristin is a part of a strong lineage of non-competitive, non-commercial, non-corporate creative, experimental, modern-based dance teachers. Her technical foundations are drawn from Cunningham, Horton, Graham, Limon, Humphrey, Weidman, Lewitzky, yoga, eco-somatics and folk dances. She brings music into the classes from all over the world and builds the positive self-image, centered inner life and physical and mental resiliency of each dancer. Her goal is to take the naturally creative child forward through time in arts lessons without getting in the way of their natural love of artistic creation and healthy mentality and regard for themselves as a dancer. She attempts to foster a holistic, inviting, inclusive, non-dogmatic community, and to discover, along with her students, the joy and love inherent in dance.

As k2 classes are currently online, Kristin is accepting students from any region who are interested in trying it out. Email for k2 dance is:

Kristin Kusanovich
Senior Lecturer, Santa Clara University Dept. of Theatre & Dance
Greater Board, Director of Mission & Leadership,
CDEA, California Dance Education Association”