Impeccable Research, Moving Testimonials, A Powerful Call for Collective Action

Washington, DC.  Voices Against Trafficking – The Strength of Many Voices Speaking As One compiles insights, stories, and frontline knowledge from trafficking survivors, human rights advocates, and journalists.  Every chapter provides essential truths and advice that affirm a collective community can defeat the rising tide of human predators.  Compiled by veteran activist Andi Buerger, the authors demonstrate the power of joining as one voice against the evil of 21st-century slavery that is the business of global human trafficking.

About Voices Against TraffickingTM; Voices Against Trafficking brings together national and international partners dedicated to eradicating the business of profiting in human lives.  We are individuals, corporations, survivors, nonprofits, law enforcement agencies, legislators, media outlets and human rights advocates.  Learn more at

Mary Bawden, Founder of DA:NCE Awareness is a founding member of Voices Against Trafficking (VAT).  “It is important to understand the connection between hypersexualized children’s dance, stripping, prostitution, and human trafficking.  The grooming that hypersexualized children undergo make them vulnerable to being exploited in the future and for another’s profit.  I feel that the collaborative approach and proactivity of Voices Against Trafficking is critical to resolve these issues in our world.”  Mary Bawden