It was the soak in the tub that started it all. I wanted a restful evening. I brought home the latest edition of Good Housekeeping from our office and started flipping through the pages. The article titled ‘Why it feels so good to be just a little bit bad’ made me start thinking. I wondered if feeling good should be identified with choosing ‘bad.’ Inside my heart, I identified 2 major parts of my design.

Jesus created me with a love for dance and choreography creation. But just as important in God’s design is my everyday choreography — those are the good choices I make that either honor my relationship with Jesus or emanate from the carnal side of ME. My choices create what I become. Character development. My values. Our culture doesn’t “get” that. Good Housekeeping doesn’t “get” that, either. As the heat from the water warmed my bones, I realized that the article made me mad. Listen to the advice that told me ‘to be just a little bit bad’ so I could ‘feel good’:

1. Gossip.
2. Flirt with a man who’s not your husband.
3. Read erotica.
4. Spend the day in your PJ’s. (I guess this one could be okay…unless you do it everyday.)
5. Procrastinate, then tell yourself you’re being creative.
6. Don’t censor yourself.
7. Eat 2 desserts or have a third cocktail!
8. Be gleefully grabby. (This point explained ‘me first can make you giddy.’)
9. Be selfish in bed.
10. Get mad and stay mad.

I’m so sorry, Jesus. This article describes destructive choreography that should be titled ‘Bad Housekeeping.’ Help, Lord. Keep my daily choreography aligned with your will in dance ministry and in my everyday life.