Two months ago, I started to explain what a rabbit trail was. A serendipity stopped more discussion. Well, I’m back:) Let me reiterate. In choreography for Christian dance ministry, a rabbit trail takes you off the intended biblical target of the dance that you are preparing. Because it is a warning, see it as a red light. Remember to point your conceptual design back to your choreography target using prayer, study, and preparation. Of course, the Holy Spirit needs to lead you all through the process of creation!

Here are some more of the unintended rabbit trails that are common in dance ministry!

Rabbit trail warning 5
Consider the artistic style of the song. With inductive analysis, it’s easy to observe the words in the music. This assumes that a particular song has passed choreographic evaluation with flying colors. Now take the song style and music arrangement into consideration. How do you decide on the number of people to participate in a particular dance project? This conclusion should focus on what’s best for ministry communication (of the identified target) and not merely what you personally want.
God will help you in this process as you reflect on the creative style of the music. A solo or a duet of dancers is a choice best served with songs that are sung as solos, or that project quiet reflection. Two to five voices as the background to a song will lend themselves to a small group of dancers numbering from three to eight. When a song has multi-voices in it, dance choreography should reflect that power with a multitude of dancers onstage. Be careful. Don’t weaken your choreography by making movement decisions that will not fulfill the power or the quietness of the music.

Rabbit trail warning 6
Ask yourself what genders and ages will best express the identified message of the song. Generally, God designed men to express power and strength while women tend to reflect softness and beauty. Children are often wonderful communicators as well. Remember, sometimes a project needs only men, and sometimes a project needs only women. On the other hand, many dances are best communicated with the involvement of both genders and ages. Those decisions must be based on the message of choreography, the singers in the song, and the arrangement of the music.

Rabbit trail warning 7
Study the identified concept in the song; don’t focus solely on movement. Get out your Bible and dig deep into Scripture. This will impact the movement that you create. Use other books to amplify your knowledge. Another nifty resource is the Internet. Below are several websites that can broaden your understanding of whatever identified concept you are looking for:
Fill your mind with definitive teaching and Scripture about the targeted concept for choreography. Meditate on one Scripture as you make movement choices. God will use it to renew your mind and show His glory. You can also share the highlights from your research with the dancers as you rehearse. With the Holy Spirit as your primary Teacher, look to God to embody prayer-in-motion in you so that choreographed prayer-in-motion embodies Him. Watch God grow you and the dancers when you truly understand His heart.

Next month I will conclude my discussion of rabbit trails. They really affect dance outcome so take note so that whatever dance project you work on ministers the gospel to those who watch!

I am praying for your success and look forward to hearing from you:)