DA:NCE Newsletter – September 2022
Announcing the $5,000 Call for Choreography for ‘She Loves to Move’Could your organization use $5000?

How much of a difference for good would that make?

And what if that money was coupled with the opportunity to restore the wonder of childhood dance while getting active and creative?

We have an opportunity for you! It’s a project we’ve been working on for months, and it is FINALLY here. It provides the chance for you to take home a $5,000 prize while also celebrating the art of healthy, age-appropriate children’s dance.

As a supporter of DA:NCE Awareness, we want you to be one of the first to know about it.

Our $5,000 Call for Choreography Challenge invites anyone – from professional choreographers and dancers to organizations, families, individuals, and groups of all sizes – to celebrate healthy, age-appropriate children’s dance by choreographing a dance to our song, ‘She Loves to Move.’

At the beginning of this project, we worked with award-winning songwriter and music producer Steve Siler (Music for the Soul) to create the song, ‘She Loves to Move.’ It wonderfully captures just how beautiful and innocent children’s dance can be. And with this call for choreography, we have one goal: to restore the wonder of childhood dance! Take a minute to listen to the song right now.

To share with colleagues, here’s the video invitation:

Here’s how to enter a submission:

  1. Download the song, ‘She Loves to Move’
  2. Choreograph a dance to the song. Use this judging rubric to direct your choreography.
  3. Record your dance and upload your choreographed video for ‘She Loves to Move’ by June 30, 2023.’

Read the ‘Call for Choreography’ rules here. All eligible entries will be judged using the same criteria and one grand prize winner will be awarded $5,000. And it pays to enter early! The first five submissions will each automatically receive $100 cash prize – no strings attached.

We are excited about this project and invite you to participate. To get more details, visit www.danceawareness.com/shelovestomove.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out. Otherwise, join us in celebrating healthy, age-appropriate dance. ‘She Loves to Move’ will move your heart as you explore the beauty of this song in movement.

Join us for a wonderful year of healthy dance!

Guest Blogger: 
Jaime LoganA Personal Story of Hypersexualized Dance and Self-Objectification: While I grew up with a wide range of influences, nothing gave me so much permission to see myself as a sexual object as hypersexualized dance in my early 20s. My experience in dance was safe and healthy until a dance educator introduced something in the studio that I was only used to seeing out in culture.
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Dance and the Child International Conference(daCi) 2022
Mary BawdenI consistently say that the solution to harmful dance is healthy dance. Today is special because I get to back up that claim and introduce you to a wonderful dance organization: daCi(dance for the child international)! The 2022 daCi conference, organized by Norma Sue Fisher-Stitt of York University Canada and Nancy Francis of Brock University Canada, was designed for dance educators by dance educators.
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Guest Blogger:
John-Michael LanderI was broken.As I prepared to enter the dance studio and attend my first class at Wright State University, I inhaled three deep breaths and wiped my sweaty palms along my black tights. Negative self-talk rang through my head, echoing the mantra, “I’m not ready to do this.”
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‘Share Your DA:NCE Story’ Interviews Begin
Mary BawdenIt’s time. Time for personal dance interviews that put a face on sexual abuse outcomes from the evidence-based research about harmful, hypersexualized dance for children.   We’re compiling personal stories that will help the culture to understand the seriousness of harmful dance trends for children. Below are 2 researched outcomes. There are many more.

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Guest Blogger:
Fareedah ShaheedThe Danger of “Stranger Danger” – How to Holistically Protect Your Kids Online
My first in-depth experience with the internet began at 13 years old. For years I would watch my friends play online games and I was annoyed with my parents for not allowing it until I was mature enough.But finally, they said yes to a free game online and sat me down to lay some ground rules…
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Healthy Dance Studio

One of the goals of the DA:NCE is to highlight organizations we feel embody healthy dance. We are pleased to present: Scripps Performing Arts Academy, located in San Diego, California.

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DA:NCE Happenings:
WVOX, 1460 AM Interview: Lynn’s WarriorsUpcoming Events
Grandparenting Conference September 2022
Kiwanis Club October 2022
Valyermo Dance Jubilee – October 2022
National Dance Educators Organization National Conference – October 2022
National Center on Sexual Exploitation Coalition to End Sexual Exploitation Virtual Global Summit – November 2022
Click the button below to Donate to S2S Choreography to help end child exploitation through dance. DA:NCE is a program of Soul to Sole Choreography, a Section 501(c)(3) organization, EIN 20-0370145. Contributions are tax deductible to the extent allowed by law.
Educate and inform your local dance studio to stop adult, sexual choreography, lyrics and costumes for children.

At an early age, young children are often being taught how to approach relationships and how to approach intimacy in the wrong way. The art of dance should not be used to divert young girls(and boys) from healthy sexual development. We need to carefully evaluate the cultural choices that entice young children to be viewed as adults. We need to produce healthy boundaries in dance so that girls and boys are protected relationally. Then, when they experience the beauty of dance, they can move as young children, not as adults.

You can make a difference by starting a petition in your own community. Your signature, and those of other concerned adults, can raise awareness and give a voice to end the sexualization of young girls through choreography and costumes in your own community!

Our Step by Step Guide to Educate Dance Studios provides helpful tips you can use when collecting signatures, and also outlines best practices for presenting the signatures collected to your local dance studio owner or teacher. And if you are ready to dive right in, download the local dance petition signature collection sheets and start collecting signatures. Your efforts will no doubt make a big difference in protecting young dancers in your community!

DOWNLOAD: Step by Step Guide to Educate Dance Studios
DA:NCE works towards bringing international awareness and education to stop the exploitation through hypersexualization of children in dance.  Join our team as a volunteer to help us fulfill our mission through building partnerships, advocating for change and educating the community.  Volunteer opportunities are currently available in our Partnership Department and our Education Department.
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