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In years past, dance educators lacked adequate tools to address the challenges presented by the over-sexualization of children in dance training and performance. But not anymore! DA:NCE provides dance educators practical advice on how to begin a dialogue in their school, studio, or community setting around age-appropriate dance experiences for children. Materials are educational and contain reputable evidence-based research to support your efforts to protect children in dance. Additionally, DA:NCE resources can be shared with colleagues throughout the industry. As a result, community and colleague connection, educator knowledge, and informed leadership become the keys to educating the public about this trend and paves the way for dance advocates to usher in healthy movement choices for a culture that needs guidance. Let’s get started!

Research to share with parents


A Public Health Issue: How a Pornified Culture is Distorting Dance

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8 Questions Parents Should Ask to Understand an Organization’s Commitment to Child Safety

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