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Protect children in dance!
Dance studio owners and staff are concerned about the media onslaught from dance hypersexualization. In years past, dance studios lacked adequate tools to address the challenges presented by the over-sexualization of children in dance training and performance. But not now. DA:NCE gives teachers practical advice on how to begin a dialogue in their school, studio, or community setting around age-appropriate dance experiences for children. Our materials demonstrate how evidence-based research can be shared with colleagues, parents and adults within the dance industry. As a result, community and colleague collaboration, educator knowledge, and informed studio leadership become the keys to educating the public about this trend as dance studios usher in healthy movement choices for a culture that needs guidance and our protection from exploitation.

Whether you are committed to teaching age-appropriate dance, or you need evidence-based resources, DA:NCE will support the choreographers and teachers in your studio to articulate the importance of age appropriate dance. Our free resources can help you get your message across.

Free Presentations for Your Dance Studio

Please use these presentations and supporting videos to educate yourself or parents about the dangers of hypersexualized children’s dance and emphasize how your dance studio is taking steps to ensure artistically driven, age-appropriate children’s dance is being taught at your studio.




A Public Health Issue: How a Pornified Culture is Distorting Dance

Due to the sensitive nature of this material, you can choose from two different versions to watch. The R rated version is an in-depth look at the problem with explicit examples. Since this may be triggering and uncomfortable for some people, we’ve also provided a PG rated version.

Print Resources

8 Questions Parents Should Ask to Understand an Organization’s Commitment to Child Safety

Sample Videos Illustrating Hypersexualized Children’s Dance

What does hypersexualized children’s dance look like? The following two samples highlight choreography, music and costumes that hypersexualize children and demonstrate why education and awareness around this issue is critically needed. Note: This content may be unsuitable for some viewers.

Reflect on the following question: Do these videos and others like it demonstrate a healthy view of both the art of dance AND is it good for young children?
The answer is no.

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Your dance studio can be the change!

If your organization is already committed to teaching age appropriate children’s dance while using healthy costumes and music, we want to hear about it! Send us your studio’s name, location, and email address. You may be featured in our “Featured Dance Studio” blog or highlighted on our social media channels.

Plus, it is encouraging to hear from choreographers and studios like you!

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