The word worship in the bible ascribes worth and glory to God. Through faith, worship means that Jesus is the object of our worship; in other words, worship means that we give glory to God through our words and our actions. Worship is far more than singing songs and listening to a sermon for an hour on Sunday. Worship is a declaration of dependence upon Jesus. As Christians, we are like God’s tattoo. We’re marked with him. The more we worship him in our daily words and actions, the more we resemble him.

On the other hand, the word worship can sum up something else in life that is valued above God. We all worship something. Here’s a reflection point. What do you really worship? The culture and our sin nature tells us to worship money, cars, fashion & power; it tells us to indulge in immoral behavior and to focus on how we feel and what we want at the expense of anyone else. It’s easy to turn cultural pressure into an idol and worship it instead of God. Then there’s the cultural noise & busyness (you know – cell-phones, beepers, TV shows etc., etc., etc.), that keep us from worshiping God.

Do you ever feel like a human doing rather than a human being?

This week I took about 1/2-hour to just watch cloud formations; they had their own dance. The cloud dance was reflecting God’s glory back to him. That is the goal of the movement when we praise and worship Jesus through dance. “In him we live and move and have our being.” (Acts 17:28)